The Company

The Sierra Point Group is a San Francisco based multifamily housing development company with international offices in Vancouver, Canada. We acquire, develop, construct, and manage both affordable and market rate multifamily residential housing.

SPG is actively engaged in the acquisition and rehabilitation and new development of multifamily residential properties. In addition, our company is focused on creating innovative financing structures for developing multifamily housing.

SPG has built relationships with partners that have deep experience and solid reputations in the multifamily housing industry.

Our company is committed to the long-term. SPG aspires to the highest standards in all facets of our business, and aligns our interests with those of our partners by putting our own capital behind each of our projects.

We strive for superior execution and success for each of our stakeholders. Together with our partners, we build communities.

An Integrated Approach

Our process encompasses financing, planning, design, construction, and resident and community engagement. Our integrated approach requires a complete and cohesive development plan to create functional, fluid, and vibrant communities.

Historic Preservation and Rehabilitation

We fuse the significance of the past with the desires and needs of current residents. Preserving historic landmarks and communities through the rehabilitation of existing buildings is a primary objective.

Mixed-Use Development

Economic development resources are used in our projects to attract businesses, jobs, and services into growing communities to complement our residential developments.

Identity and Belonging

We aim to foster a sense of belonging and a unique identity among all stakeholders of the greater community, including residents, retailers, and other businesses.

Diversity of New Communities

We believe in promoting diverse demographics in communities that welcome residents of varying incomes levels, ethnicities, ages, and physical capabilities.


Our History

From the very beginnings, our team’s successes have been built upon the foundation of relationships and a passion to make a difference. The relationships we have fostered with key individuals and companies have provided each of us with access to attractive proprietary projects, deep industry knowledge, and valuable real-time guidance when needed. Our passion to make a difference is true, organic motivation for what we do each and every day, a notable competitive advantage. 

Over the years, the Sierra Point Group has created long-term partnerships with industry experts and key stakeholders. SPG is well-positioned to meet dynamic challenges in the affordable housing industry. We bring a comprehensive and collaborative approach to a complex development environment. We are committed to the growth of SPG and adding to our exemplary team. Our team works together as a single entity to create value in all projects we undertake.



Our Philosophy

Since its founding, Sierra Point Group has made creating superior, affordable housing the primary purpose of our company. We are focused on building communities by creating homes.

Our philosophy is three-fold: building resources, refining processes, and disciplined focus.

We have nurtured an integrated culture that rewards discipline, creativity, dedication, and patience and encourages the sharing of information, resources, expertise, and best practices across our team members. Our unique culture can be described as a spirit of partnership, entrepreneurship, and a shared sense of ownership in all we do across our entire company.

Building Resources

  • Partnerships: We work closely with local municipalities, stakeholders, and all professionals involved in the residential real estate development process. Our Senior Advisors augment our already extensive knowledge base and skill sets.
  • People: The quality and experience of our people at SPG is key. Finding, securing, and retaining only those individuals who are the very best in their respective fields are consistent foci for us.
  • Technology: We utilize the latest technological processes and systems in order to maximize productivity and enhance the overall value of our assets.

Refining Processes

  • Operations: We have policies and procedures designed with the goal of creating a repeatable value-added process, including detailed property analysis, budgeting, and compliance monitoring.
  • Continuous Improvement: We always question conventional wisdom. We believe there are always methods for improvement to any process no matter how simple or complex.
  • Expanding Our Network: People work with those they like and trust. We are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term, internal and external, partnerships based on trust and transparency.

Disciplined Focus

  • Standing the Test of Time: SPG’s founders are building a firm based on principles, culture, and values that will provide a lasting institutional foundation for many decades to come.
  • Stimulating and Rewarding Work Environment: We believe once we have found an ideal employee, it is our job to retain and motivate this individual through developing his or her personal and professional capabilities.
  • Green Initiatives: For us, these include healthier indoor environments, energy savings, reduced transportation costs, healthier living, natural resource conservation, and reduced air pollution, waste, and sprawl.

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